K9 Bridle | Dog Headcollar | Stops Dogs Pulling On The Lead

The world's first dog bridle
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K9 Bridle, the comfortable dog headcollar that stops dogs pulling on the lead

  1. Stops pulling - Guaranteed
  2. Total effortless control
  3. Does not ride over eyes or mouth
  4. Can help check aggression
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Happy customers

"Hi Ann
Just to let you know how well behaved Alfie was this morning wearing his k9bridle. I wasn't being yanked here, there and everywhere for a change!! He's taken to it like a duck to water. Long may it continue"!!

"I bought a k9 bridle and as seen at crufts this year. What an absolute miracle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A most fantastic invention".
Lisette, Bradbury

“I LOVE THIS BRIDLE, seriously amazing! And Ned loves it too, we’re going on walks again!”
Sarah Van Dijk & Ned 

What does the K9 Bridle do?

The K9 Bridle is a dog headcollar that works in a similar way to a bit-less bridle for a horse.

It gives the dog signals that he can easily understand without twisting the dog’s neck or riding into his eyes.

Designed primarily to stop dogs pulling on the lead, the headcollar has proved to give amazing results with dogs that have behavioural and aggression issues, so saving many dogs from being sent for re-homing.

No strength is required by the handler making it ideal for people with disabilities.

The K9 Bridle is being used by many of the best trainers and re-homing centres throughout the UK, USA and Australia.

Easy to order

The K9 Bridle is available now for £18.99 + £2 P&P to UK postcodes.

Delivery outside the UK is £7.00.

You can order online through Stripe or PayPal in our Order page.

From the UK you can phone us on 0800 50 53 093 and from outside the UK to +44 1205 460090 to pay by credit/debit card.

Or we can arrange other payment methods.

It's all about your dog and you having a great relationship

The well-being of your dog is our priority. We are always happy to discuss issues you may wish to address.

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