96% Would Recommend The K9 Bridle To Family & Friends

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96% Would Recommend The K9 Bridle Dog Training Head Collar

We’d like to say a BIG thank you to everyone who responded to our recent survey!

Last month, April 2019, we sent a survey out to 99 K9 Bridle dog training head collar customers, people who ordered a bridle from our website in March 2019. We know that we always get amazing verbal feedback from customers, and some people are kind enough to take the time to leave us good reviews. But we wanted to find a way of demonstrating to people considering buying a bridle just how many people find it effective.

We didn’t want to take up loads of your time, so we kept it brief and just asked the following three quick questions:

1. How successful was the K9 Bridle in stopping your dog from pulling on the lead?
2. What breed of dog was the K9 Bridle for?
3. How likely would you be to recommend the K9 bridle to a friend?

Of the 99 customers, 47 responded to the survey, which was an amazing response, demonstrating the support that people have for K9 Bridle once they have discovered it!
So, what answers did people give?

Q1. How successful was the K9 Bridle Dog Training Head Collar?

K9 Bridle - 94% success rate

We were delighted to find that 94% of respondents found the bridle successful: almost half found it extremely successful, a third very successful and 13% somewhat successful. We were sorry that 6% didn’t find the bridle to be very much help, but dogs, like people, are individuals, and what works for one dog won’t work for all. A 94% success rate is pretty good and worth a £19.99 gamble – these are pretty good odds!

Q2. What breed of dog was the K9 Bridle for?

We asked this question because, although we see the breeds that visit our stand at shows, we wanted to get a better idea of the breeds that our customers own and find out for which breeds the k9 bridle is most successful.

We organised the results into a “word cloud”. The larger the breed name, the higher the number of individual dogs of that breed that our customers bought the bridles for. The smaller the breed name, the fewer individual dogs of that breed for which our customers bought bridles.

Dog Training Head Collar

As you can see, some of the biggest pullers owned by our customers appear to be Labradors, Spaniels of many different varieties and crossbreeds, with Golden Retrievers, Rottweilers, Dobermans, Border Collies, Lurchers and Great Danes following close behind. German Shepherds, Pointers, Setters, Dalmations, Weimaraners, Cockapoos, Poodles, Boxers, Whippets, Beagles, Samoyeds and Spinones were also all represented as well as some of the rarer breeds such as a Podenco, Leonberger, European Sledge Hound and a Griffon Vendeen.

Please see the Breed List size guide for more information about the expected bridle sizes for different dog breeds.

Q3. How likely would you be to recommend the K9 bridle to a friend?

This question tells us a bit about our customer service and how easy we are to buy from, as well as how effective the k9 bridle is. Amazingly, a whopping 96% of survey respondents said they would recommend the K9 Bridle to a friend.

Dog Training Head Collar

So, to all of you who may be reading this, not too sure about giving the K9 Bridle a go, please take comfort in the fact that it’s 94% successful in stopping dogs from pulling on the lead, and 96% of our customers would recommend it. These are pretty good odds that you won’t be wasting your money.
Thanks again to everyone that responded to our survey! We’re very grateful to you for taking the time to do it.


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