Best Dog Collar For Stopping Dogs Pulling On The Lead

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The Best Dog Collar For Stopping Dogs Pulling On The Lead

In a recent customer survey, 94% of people that bought a k9 bridle found that it successfully stopped their dog from pulling on the lead.  A further 96% reported that they would recommend the k9 bridle to a friend.  There are a number of reasons why so many of our customers rate the K9 Bridle as the best dog collar for stopping dogs from pulling.  These all relate to the unique design of the bridle.

Why is the K9 Bridle the best dog collar for stopping dogs pulling?

The k9 bridle attaches to the lead at the back of the dog’s head.

When you think about it, this makes sense. When your dog is pulling on the lead, you are behind the dog, not at the front, under his chin.  Under the chin is where most other headcollars designed to stop dogs from pulling attach. It makes sense that the lead joins the headcollar from behind.

Best dog collar for stopping dogs pulling on the lead

It also serves as important for 3 main reasons:

1. It gives the owner more control

The majority of other anti-pull headcollars that attach under the chin have the effect of pulling the dog’s head sideways when it pulls forwards. The dog sets it head sideways and pushes its shoulders into the headcollar. This makes these alternative headcollars much less effective than the K9 Bridle.

By contrast, the k9 bridle exerts pressure on the back of the head and slightly on the top of the nose. This has the effect of dipping the head slightly and gives you much better control of your dog’s head. This takes a lot of strength away from the dog and means that it is much easier for you to maintain control. Much less strength is required to use the k9 bridle than other no-pull headcollars.

2. It is safer and more comfortable for the dog

Keeping the dog’s head and neck straight, in line with the body and injury-free is much better for the dog than having its head twisted to one side. If the dog does pull sharply to the end of the lead, the k9 bridle will not damage the dog’s neck like other headcollars would by twisting the neck sharply. If you do use retractable leads, the k9 bridle is safe to use with these forms of restraint. 

the best dog collar for stopping dogs pulling on the lead

3. The k9 bridle will not cover the dog’s eyes or mouth.

Due to the way it is designed, the soft lightweight material with which it is made and the location of the point of control, the k9 bridle will NEVER cover your dog’s eyes. Nor will it cover his mouth or interfere with his breathing, eating or drinking in any way.

When we are at shows, we see many dogs pulling their owners round with headcollars covering their eyes and restricting their breathing. This can lead to eye problems, sore places on the face and cause stress to the poor dogs.

The k9 bridle was designed specifically to stop this happening.  It’s much more comfortable and stress-free for both dog and owner.

When the dog stops pulling, the K9 Bridle instantly releases

The k9 bridle features a strap at the back of the dog’s head along which two rings move freely.  The rings slide towards each other or away from each other according to whether the dog is pulling on the lead or not. As soon as the dog stops pulling the two rings slide away from each other and the whole headcollar loosens. The dog can easily understand these signals and the bridle therefore acts as a training aid, helping the owner to teach the dog to stop pulling.

This is in stark contrast to many other dog headcollars that do not have this immediate release mechanism. They tend to stay tight or loosen much more slowly. This is not effective for training the dog and is one of the reasons why many dogs hate headcollars. They tend to just be tight all the time and dogs frequently get in the habit of trying to rub the straps off in an attempt at loosening the headcollar.

the best dog collar for stopping dogs pulling on the lead

The material is soft, strong and tubular

The k9 bridle webbing is soft, lightweight and made especially for the k9 bridle.  The tubular design of the material means that there are no hard or abrasive edges to rub against the dog’s face or neck.  This makes the bridle much less likely to cause any sores or rubbed fur.  The soft, lightweight material sits lightly on the dog’s face, and once he or she is used to wearing a bridle, it is unlikely to irritate him or her.

The k9 bridle comes in 5 sizes and is fully adjustable

From tiny lively Jack Russell, all the way up to stately and regal Old English Mastiff, the k9 bridle will fit most breeds.  There are five different sizes and each size is fully adjustable so that you can get a perfect fit.  If, for some reason, one of the standard sizes doesn’t fit, we can make one to fit at no extra cost.  Getting a good fit is important because it means that the bridle is comfortable for the dog and will not move about on his or her face.  A lot of movement can be irritating, more likely to cause sore places and get in the eyes or over the mouth.  The k9 bridle will NEVER go in the dogs eyes and should sit perfectly over their nose and neck.

It is handmade in the UK

All k9 bridles are handmade in Lincolnshire in the UK.  This is why we are able to offer such a good service to our customers and, if required, make bespoke bridles for dogs that need minor adjustments.  We’re happy to do this at no extra cost.  When you buy a k9 bridle you can be sure that you are not contributing to a huge carbon footprint or supporting unethical working practises.


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