Fitting Instructions - K9 Bridle

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K9 Bridle Fitting Instructions


Open the K9 Bridle at the two middle rings and fit over your dog’s head.


Form a hoop to fit over your dog’s nose at the bottom ring.


Attach the safety strap clip to dog’s collar.


Close the two top rings together at the dog’s head.


Attach your dog lead to both rings then…


The bridle sits at the top of the dog’s neck behind the ears.

K9 Bridle Fitting Instructions

How to Measure Your Dog

K9 Bridles are adjustable but it's important to choose the correct size for your dog.
The measurement is taken in one continuous figure of eight around the muzzle and neck, as pictured.

XS: less than 60cm
S : 60 - 70cm
M : 70 - 90cm
L : 90 - 108cm
XL: Over 108cm


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