Ebook: Stop your Labrador From Pulling On The Lead 2019

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How can I stop my Labrador from pulling on the lead?

In our recent customer survey, the dog breed for which most people bought a k9 bridle was the Labrador.  We therefore decided to offer Labrador owners a bit more help by investigating how Lab owners in 2019 cope with their dogs that pull on the lead.  We visited different social media platforms and groups and asked how people manage their pulling labs.  We ran polls to find out more information from owners, professional dog walkers and trainers.  

It seems that, just like their dogs, Labrador owners are a wonderful breed who were happy to offer their hints, tips, ideas, struggles and methods.  We’ve done our best to capture these and, along with Labrador-related research online, we’ve created the unique, definitive 20-page guide for all Lab owners in 2019:

“How do Labrador owners cope with their dogs pulling on the lead in 2019?”

This unique 20-page ebook features:


  • The dangers of pulling to both dog and owner
  • Our survey results: how do Labrador owners in 2019 train or control dogs that pull?
  • Training methods and tips that work
  • Pros and cons of training aids
  • Useful owners tips and tricks

Please open and download the ebook to find out more…


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