K9 Bridle - K9 Bridle

The world's first dog bridle
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K9 Bridle



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The world’s first dog bridle.

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Size Guide

Very Small is for very small skulled dogs; whippets, JR terriers, small spaniels, etc.
Small is for larger skulled terriers, small border collies, spaniels and the like.
Medium Averaged sized Labradors, boxers, Weimaraners, etc.
Large is for Rotties, Great Danes and heavy skulled dogs with broad muzzles.
Giant is for Mastiffs, St Bernards, etc.

Postage is £1.00 for mainland UK and £3.50 outside UK.

You’re advised to follow our guidelines “How do I get my dog used to a dog headcollar?” before taking your dog out on the k9 bridle for the first time.

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Very small, Small, Medium, Large, Giant


Black, Beige, Blue, Red, Purple, Pink


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