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The world's first dog bridle
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K9 Bridle



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The world’s first dog bridle.

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Size Guide

Very Small is for very small skulled dogs; whippets, JR terriers, small spaniels, etc.
Small is for larger skulled terriers, small border collies, spaniels and the like.
Medium Averaged sized Labradors, boxers, Weimaraners, etc.
Large is for Rotties, Great Danes and heavy skulled dogs with broad muzzles.
Giant is for Mastiffs, St Bernards, etc.

Postage is £1.00 for mainland UK and £3.50 outside UK.

You’re advised to follow our guidelines “How do I get my dog used to a dog headcollar?” before taking your dog out on the k9 bridle for the first time.

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Very small, Small, Medium, Large, Giant


Black, Beige, Blue, Red, Purple, Pink

5 reviews for K9 Bridle

  1. Gaynor Edwards

    Absolutely brilliant, easy to use and light on the face, stop pulling immediately

  2. Marilyn Patrick-Smith (verified owner)

    Really can’t believe it!! Bought 2 bridles for my Greyhound/Weimaraner cross dogs who are now 6 years old. I watched the videos, was impressed, thought it worth a shot but still sceptical. Particularly the dog that was more greyhound than weimaraner, never has walked well and I got so worn out (I am a 5foot high pensioner with dogs that are over 31 in tall). So we were going around in an ever decreasing circle and the dogs were not walked as far as I would like. I have tried every conceivable collar, halter and harness, none of which has worked for more than a day or 2 at most. However, I now have 2 dogs that are so easy to walk and control. No pulling me over in the park, no having to go at the pace of the dog. If I stop I no longer have to give any command, I stop, they stop and wait quietly. Not only that, the dogs are quite happy wearing the bridles. Another bonus is that they are calmer, I am calmer, and they play more in the home since I have had the bridles. This is a brilliant product and I am already walking them further and no longer find dog walking a chore.

  3. Marilyn Patrick-Smith (verified owner)

    I bought the K9 bridle around 6 months ago and I am absolutely delighted with it. I have 2 Greyhound/Weimaraner cross dogs (32in at the shoulder) and I am a 5 foot high pensioner. I have been pulled over so many times by the dogs and I have tried most of the harnesses and head halters etc., on the market (including the Halti and the Canny Collar). These other restraints have worked for a few days at the most and then the pulling is as bad as ever. I was interested in the K9 bridle as it said it was suitable for people with disabilities to manage their dogs. So I gave it a go. I watched the videos carefully about how to introduce the bridle and fit it. It worked, just as they said right away. I am so happy with it as my dogs do not pull any more (which had been affecting my hands) and I can use any lead with it without strain. The additional bonus is, again as suggested in the video, my dogs are not nervous on the lead and have calmed down such a lot it is a pleasure to take them out. Before the K9 Bridle I could not walk them as far as I would like. Now we can walk and enjoy being out as long as we like. It is brilliant.

  4. christina Hitchcock (verified owner)

    I received the k9 bridle today I was previously using a halti and my 4 and a half month German shepherd absolutely hated it i have tried every anti pull harness / head collar on the market just took my dog out on it and it was brilliant no rubbing his nose on my leg no pawing at it and no whining so I would like to thank you very much already recommend it to another dog walker .

  5. jade (verified owner)

    amazing product works instantly for no pulling and enjoyable walks/runs xx

    • Rachel Rodgers

      Hi Jade, Thank you so much for your message. Really pleased that it is working for you and you can enjoy time out with your dog again! Rachel xx

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