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Stop dogs pulling on the lead: K9 Bridle Videos

Our collection of videos should be helpful for you in terms of learning more about the k9 bridle, how to fit it and how to use it to stop dogs pulling on the lead. 

The videos at the top of the page show some of our customers talking about the K9 Bridle in video testimonials.

You are advised to watch videos 1 to 5 before using the k9 bridle for the first time.  Videos 6 to 8 show it being introduced to 3 completely different dogs with tips about how to deal with the different behaviours that can arise.

Should you need any more advice or information, or if you have any suggestions for another video, we’re always here to help you!

We welcome any video testimonials and will happily add these to our video page. Just call or send us an email.

All our K9 Bridles are handmade in Lincolnshire in the UK, but they are popular all over Europe, Australia and the USA.  Here, one of our Australian customers volunteers information about why the k9 bridle suits her and her dog Ruby.

Meet Lynn, who returned to the K9 Bridle stand at Crufts 2019 for her second Bridle for her Newfoundland boy Jensen. She was kind enough to agree to tell everyone what she thinks! Thank you so much Lynn.

K9 bridles are ideal for German Shepherd Dogs. The bridle helps to stop the dog pulling and can have a calming effect on the dog, as Heather here describes.

K9 bridles are ideal for helping people to control large dogs such as German Shepherd Dogs. Using the bridle requires very little strength from the handler, making them ideal for people with disabilities as Moya here explains.

Quick fitting and k9 bridle use guide – fitting the k9 bridle in 5 easy steps.

The K9 Bridle is the best headcollar for stopping dogs pulling on the lead. It attaches at the back of the neck so keeps the dog’s spine in line and does not twist the neck. The strap at the back tightens when the dog pulls but immediately releases when it stops pulling. This video shows how the bridle should be fitted at the back of the head.

The k9 bridle dog head collar: how the design will stop dogs pulling on the lead.  Showing the back of the head control point and the safety strap that attaches to the dog’s usual collar.

How the K9 Bridle dog head collar works; basic principles and how to use the bridle to stop dogs pulling on the lead.

This video explains how the bridle should be used to very gently check the dog, keeping the lead slack as much as possible.  The K9 Bridle can help with aggression issues by dipping the nose slightly, briefly averting eye contact from other dogs.  Always be aware that having something on the dog’s face for the first time can be frightening and it’s important to get the dog used to the head collar gradually, building up a positive association with the bridle.

Video showing how to fit the K9 Bridle dog head collar onto your dog so that it is fitted securely and comfortably.  Removing the K9 Bridle in the way demonstrated here ensures that it won’t become twisted and is ready to use when you next need it. 

The various components of the k9 Bridle dog head collar.

Demonstrating how we trained Peach the Rottweiler to accept the k9 bridle despite her initial dislike of the unusual feeling of the head collar on her face.  The video shows how we helped to build up a positive association for Peach with the bridle so that, by the end of the video, she was much happier and her owner could safely use it to stop this lovely rottweiler from pulling on the lead.

Video to show how we introduced a very strong English Setter to the K9 Bridle.  This lovely boy took to it very well and had stopped pulling on the lead and was walking nicely by his owner’s side within minutes.  

Cookie, an extremely strong labrador retriever being introduced to the k9 bridle to stop her pulling on the lead.  We recommend using small half-checks on the lead when the dog is too far in front so that they can understand when they are in the wrong place.  Once cookie is walking nicely the lead is completely slack.

Some dogs take longer to get used to the k9 bridle than others.  Young dogs can need a bit of extra support and dogs using head collars for the first time may not like the new sensation of the bridle on their face.  This video explains how to help your dog build up a positive association with the bridle so that they are not worried by its use.  It is worth spending a bit more time with these dogs to ensure that they are happy before taking them out on the lead for the first time.

Fantastic clip filmed by Pet’s Paradise showing Ann, the designer of the K9 Bridle, attending a dog training class.  Many of the dogs in the class are using the k9 bridle to stop their dogs pulling.  The commentator talks through the different reasons with the dog trainer and each of their owners. As Heather, owner of GSD Helga says, “Fantastic, the best thing I ever bought!”


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