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K9 Bridle Reviews – Stop your spaniel pulling on the lead

In a recent survey that we carried out asking all our recent customers how successful the k9 bridle has been at stopping their dogs pulling on the lead. The results showed that k9 bridles are a resounding success, with 96% of respondents stating that they found the bridle successful at stopping their spaniel from pulling on the lead.

We also asked what breeds of dog the k9 bridles were bought for. Spaniel and spaniel crosses were the second biggest group of k9 bridle customers. In order to promote the suitability of the k9 bridle for spaniel breeds, we’ve collected together some of the comments and testimonials sent in from our spaniel-owning customers.

Spaniel pulling on the lead

Spaniel Owner Reviews

“What a difference this has made immediately with my Working Cocker Spaniel! I can actually walk her now! Thank you”
Spaniel review K9 Bridle
Caroline Passey and Peppa, a working cocker spaniel
Spaniel review - K9 bridle
stop spaniel pulling on the lead
“ Jeté is a 2.5 yr old Spaniel mix (the DNA says Cocker/Boston/Beagle). Despite having basic obedience skills and even winning her first Rally Obedience show, she is very easily distracted when walking outside - watch out squirrels!!! The K9 Bridle has been a godsend after trying harnesses, and two other brands of head halters. Jeté is much calmer with the bridle, and I appreciate that from a physical standpoint, there is no uneven pressure on the neck. When wearing the K9 Bridle she doesn't lurch at squirrels and is a lovely walking companion.”
k9 bridle spaniel review
Raychel Leong-Sullins and Jete, Cocker x Boston x Beagle
“Please find attached a photo of my very excitable 7 month Field Spaniel happily wearing a k9 bridle. We have now been for 3 walks wearing the bridle and he happily wears the bridle, as can be seen in the photo, whilst also walking to heel. This is a 100% improvement. Like most springers the puppy 'liked' to pull which I felt put unnecessary strain on his neck now he walks calmly without pulling. I took time to introduce him to the bridle as advised and he sits patiently whilst I put it on. Taking him for a walk is now a pleasure!!!”
spaniel pulling on lead
Paula Wyatt and her Field Spaniel
spaniel pulling on lead
spaniel pulling on the lead
“My children and I find it much easier to walk our dog with the K9 bridle than without. She is inclined to pull without it and, although she is undoubtedly happy when we take it off, she is also more than happy to sit still to have it put on before a walk.”
Nicola Wright
Met you at All About Dogs in Norwich this afternoon and all we can say is “Wow!” Our lungy and over excited large Cocker Spaniel has accepted the bridle, so much so that we have already had a little walk using it and it was an absolute pleasure to take her. Thank you. We are looking forward to being able to take her out in public with confidence and enjoyment. Oh, and you were correct about the small size being right for her, even though she is huge for her breed.
Marie Hearney and Poppet

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