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K9 Bridle Testimonials

“Just wanted to say thank you for your amazing bridle, we had tried all sorts of collars and harnesses on our 7 month old labrador but could not stop him pulling. Now he walks lovely and seems more calm. The bridle was recommended by another dog owner and we will recommend it to others.”
K9 Testimonial
Richard Higgins & Coal
, Black Labrador
“I LOVE THIS BRIDLE, seriously amazing! And Ned loves it too, we're going on walks again!”
K9 Bridle Testimonial 2
Sarah Van Dijk & Ned
Great Dane
“Hi, just wanted to thank you for making out lives so much better! Diesel, our 9 month old Doberman, is an absolute dream on the lead now with his K9 Bridle. It’s made us both look forward to walks with him, rather than us dreading taking him out every day. I’ve recommended it to lots of people already.”
Emily Brennan & Diesel
"Hi, these are my 2 huskies, Neeko and Loki wearing their custom thicker bridles as they have sensitive noses and the thicker noseband doesn't rub their fur. They absolutely love them and it means that they can both be walked together easily and happily. Thank you so much, we love them." “Loki the black husky hadn’t ever used a harness or anything before we got him (rescue). He took to it with ease – it was amazing so we really are grateful.”
Becca Evans, Loki & Neeko
“K9 Bridle – Can’t recommend your bridle highly enough. This boy was a nightmare for pulling until he nearly choked. After 5 years of using it, it has been the best money ever spent.”
K9 Bridle Testimonial 5
Anne Bell
"I recommend the K9 Bridle to all my new puppy owners. Giant schnauzers are strong dogs that like to pull! We tried all the other head collars and it was a revelation when we put yours on. They weren't keen at first but after a few minutes they're fine. My youngest used your bridle from the outset so she’s used to it."
K9 Bridle Testimonial 6
Claire Ling, Breeder
Giant Schnauzer
The K9 bridle has made 150% improvement in his walking, it’s really quite miraculous. I can’t thank you enough, I was dreading the winter months as the icy pavements season starts - worrying that Teddy the Labrador would pull my mom over and I would receive a call to say she’s broken her hip!! Now I can relax!!
Jane Walsh & Teddy
Colin Spender of Cdbts in Dorset has been working with the owner of a great dane, who has had real problems with pulling on the lead. Having tried many well-known brands of headcollars that were no help at all, the owner purchased a K9 Bridle and the results were immediate. Colin was so impressed with the way that the k9 bridle gave back control to the great dane owner, that he placed an order for 10 bridles for clients experiencing similar problems to try.
K9 bridle testimonial 8
Colin Spender
Dog Trainer
"Brilliant piece of equipment.. had so so many people asking why my dog wears a muzzle when I used other similar equipment and read that they can cause issues for there neck and eyes. No problems with this and love that it’s a golden colour. Admittedly Milo is getting to the point I don’t have to use it, but because he’s an assistance dog it’s nice to have that extra bit of support in public situations if he were to try and pull me out my wheelchair!"
K9 Bridle testimonial 9
Megan Drummer & Milo
Golden Retriever, Assistance Dog

I met you at Crufts and purchased a K9 Bridle from you, which I have seen some good results from it with some of my worst pullers under training.
Jay Taylor, Rovers Retreat Essex

It was fun chatting with you and I so appreciate all the knowledge and thought you have put into working with our doggies.

Hi Ann
Just to let you know how well behaved Alfie was this morning wearing his k9bridle. I wasn’t being yanked here, there and everywhere for a change!! He’s taken to it like a duck to water. Long may it continue!!

I met you at the Paws in the Park show and bought one of your K9 Bridles for my dog. I thought they were fantastic and would love to offer them to sell at my training establishment.
Emma Collings, Trainer & Properietor of School For Paws

Our bridle is working an absolute treat with Cookie… she’s been totally transformed from a stroppy, pulling teenager into a refined dressage pony!
Thanks again
Mike and Cookie

I bought a k9 bridle and as seen at crufts this year. What an absolute miracle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A most fantastic invention.
Llisette Bradbury

It does not ride up the eyes but sits nicely on the muzzle. I was a touch dubious as I always fall for the sales chat, but it works! The lady fitted it and well, it as if he suddenly learnt what “steady” meant.
Obiedience UK

It has assisted in training Lucas loads! … he gets a clear message as to where he should be. He realises that when he is in the wrong place, to release pressure he comes back to the handler.
Richard Sturman

The bridle arrived and it is super much better than the halti thanks from Ann and a very happy chocolate lab from Northumberland thanks again for all your help.

IT’S FABULOUS! He is a different dog now and I even manage to walk him short distance on it – I was the one in the wheelchair!
Suzi Manser

What fantastic service, it arrived this morning! I love that it has a half choke at the back as she is so overweight that her neck is wider than her skull and she has backed out of her collar a couple of times when she’s panicked.
Many thanks

All I can say is WOW! It’s like you’re not holding anything at the end of the lead at all!
Thanks again.
Jo Hughes


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