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Breed List

The K9Bridle is adjustable. Bitches often have smaller skulls than the males in any particular breed so there are sometimes two sizes next to the breed that best matches your dog. There is occasionally the exception to the rule and if you find that the size is wrong please contact us and we will send out a replacement along with a postage paid envelope for the return.

Breed Bitch/Dog Breed Bitch/Dog
Airedale Medium/large Japanese Spitz Extra Small>Small
American Cocker Spaniel Extra Small>Small King Charles Spaniel Extra Small>Small
Australian Shepherd Medium Labrador Medium
Beagle Small Labrador x Collie Small/Medium
Bearded Collie Small/Medium Lakeland Terrier Extra Small>Small
Bearded Collie x Terrier Small/small Leonberger Large
Bedlington Terrier Extra Small>Small Lhasa Apso Extra Small>Small
Belgian Shepherd Small>Small Lowchen Extra Small>Small
Belgian x Lurcher Small>Small Lurcher – Whippet type Small
Bernese Mountain Large Lurcher – Greyhound type Medium
Bichon Frise Extra Small>Small Mastiff Large/Giant
Border Collie Small>Small Newfoundland Large
Border Terrier Extra Small>Small Norfolk Terrier Extra Small>Small
Boxer Medium/Medium Norwich Terrier Extra Small>Small
Briard Large Novia Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Small>Small
British Bulldog Ring for advice Papillon Made to Measure>Extra Small
Bull Mastiff Giant Patterdale Terrier Extra Small>Small
Bull Terrier Medium/large Parson Jack Russell Terrier Extra Small>Small
Cairn Terrier Extra Small>Small Pointer – English Medium
Cavalier Spaniel Extra Small>Small Pomeranian Made to Measure>Extra Small
Chihuahua Made to Measure Poodle – Toy Extra Small
Chinese Crested Extra Small Poodle – Miniature Small
Chow Chow Medium/large Poodle – Standard Medium
Cocker – English Small Pug Not suitable
Collie X breed Small Pug x Jack Russell xbreed Made to Measure>Extra Small
Corgi Small>Small Pug x Papillon xbreed Please ask suitability
Dachshund (Miniature) Made to Measure Rottweiller Medium/large
Dalmatian Medium/Medium St Bernard Large/Giant
Dobermann Medium/large Samoyed Medium
English Setter Medium Schnauzer – Miniature Extra Small>Small
Field Spaniel Small Schnauzer – Standard Small>Small
Flat Coated Retriever Medium Schnauzer – Giant Large
Fox Terrier Extra Small>Small Shetland Sheepdog Extra Small>Small
German Shorthaired Pointer Medium Shih Tzu Small
German Shepherd Medium/large Siberian Husky Small/Medium
German Shepherd x Retriever Medium/large Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Small>Small
German Spitz Small Springer Spaniel – English Small/Medium
Golden Retriever Medium/large Springer Spaniel – Welsh Small/Medium
Gordon Setter Medium Staffordshire Bull Terrier Medium
Great Dane Large Terrier Xbreeds Made to Measure>Extra Small
Greyhound Small/Medium Tibetan Spaniel Extra Small>Small
Hungarian Vizsla Small/Medium Tibetan Terrier Extra Small>Small
Irish Red Setter Small Trailhound Large
Irish Wolfhound Medium/large Weimeraner Medium
Italian Greyhound Made to Measure>Extra Small West Highland Terrier Extra Small>Small
Jack Russell Terrier Made to Measure>Extra Small Whippet Extra Small>Small
Japanese Akita Large Yorkshire Terrier Made to Measure>Extra Small

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