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How To Stop A Dog From Pulling On The Lead - New Ebook

We’ve written a new ebook: “How to stop a dog from pulling on the lead”.  It’s full of fascinating information about why dogs pull, the damage this can cause and different training methods for stopping them from pulling.  The ebook also looks at the effectiveness of headcollars and harnesses and how each should be used.

Have you ever thought about why your dog pulls on the lead, even when it must be so uncomfortable?  Or wondered about the dangers of pulling, both in terms of the dog’s health and the risk of accidents to dog and owner?  Are you aware, for example of the risk of damage to the neck, particularly the thyroid gland, when the dog pulls on a flat collar and lead.  The consequences of this damage, hyperthyroidism, can cause weight gain, a lack of energy, hair loss and skin problems. The excessive damage to a dog’s neck when it pulls can also cause ear and eye issues, damage to the nerves in the neck that go down to the paws and can even cause seizures.

Did you know that you have a choice of five different methods of training your dog not to pull? And if you just don’t have the time or the ability to train your dog not to pull, then there are a range of different headcollars and harnesses that will manage the pulling.  This means that, whatever your circumstances, there is no need for you to struggle with a dog that pulls on the lead. 

Although we always advise owners to train their dogs to walk nicely on the lead if possible, we asked a lot of dog owners how they manage their dogs that pull.  Over a third of owners don’t train their dogs using a specific training method.  They simply manage the pulling by using a headcollar or a harness.  And there is nothing wrong with that.  If it means that both owner and dog are happy and getting the exercise that they need without any of the unpleasantness and trauma of pulling on the lead, that is all that matters.

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