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As part of our Labrador feature, we’ve gathered together quotes from emails, tweets and facebook posts from Labrador-owning grateful customers.  Labradors are beautiful, affectionate dogs and make wonderful pets but they are big and strong.  When they pull on the lead, they can make walking a misery.

The K9 Bridle is your answer – it’s the ideal headcollar for Labradors and it really does work and you will notice an instant difference.  Just make sure you get your dog used to the bridle before walking  for the first time and you will never look back!  See videos for getting your dog used to a headcollar on our Video page.

Read more about training your Labrador to walk on the lead in our special ebook “How do Labrador owners cope with their dogs pulling on the lead in 2019?”

Jane and Teddy

"The large bridle was for my moms rescue Labrador who is 3 years old. He is a very large drake head Labrador and he is super strong. My mom is a very fit 76 year old but was really struggling to control him on his lead, often having to loose the lead if he pulled excessively which was obviously very dangerous. We have tried a number of different harnesses and nothing worked and after extensive research I stumbled across the k9 bridle and thought it worth trying. It’s amazing....it only took a couple of walks to get him used to having it slipped on and off and it has made 150% improvement in his walking, it’s really quite miraculous. I can’t thank you enough, I was dreading the winter months as the icy pavements season starts - worrying that Teddy the Labrador would pull my mom over and I would receive a call to say she’s broken her hip!! Now I can relax!! The other bridle was purchased for my smaller Labrador cross - again another rescue. He is so excited to go on a walk that he pulls my shoulder out of its socket all the way to the park. I have seen the same improvement in his walking but we are having to take longer to get him used to it - he seems to feel trapped and tries to turn his head to chew himself free of his lead!! I will get there with him though. I have been so impressed that I am considering getting another one for my miniature labradoodle - he only has a very small face so I think I’d probably need an extra small for him but I’m not sure. Anyway thanks again for bringing such an amazing product to the market - i really have tried all sorts of products before this and nothing else has worked as effectively. I am delighted, best purchase I have made this year!!"

K9 Bridle Testimonial Labrador

Richard, Lynn and Coal

K9 Bridle Labrador review

“Just wanted to say thank you for your amazing bridle, we had tried all sorts of collars and harnesses on our 7 month old labrador but could not stop him pulling. Now he walks lovely and seems more calm. The bridle was recommended by another dog owner and we will recommend it to others.”

Doug and Owner

"Doug is a 3 year old Chocolate lab who used to be a nightmare to walk, pulling terribly we used to dread walk times. Then we were recommend the K9-bridle by our Dog Walker, Kirstie’s Dog Walking Service and our lives changed from the moment we put this simple bridle on Doug was like a different dog no more pulling. He now walks by our side, no rubbing or hurting his nose as it is so soft. This is the best thing we have bought Happy Doug Happy Mum & Dad and Happy Walks."

Kimberly and Sam

K9 Bridle review labrador

"I recommended the k9 bridle to one of my clients after my first walk with their dog on a slip lead and although I recommended the bridle due to his pulling, I have noticed a massive difference when it comes to his reactivity to other dogs. He's much more relaxed on our walks and doesn't pull nearly half as much as he used to. All in all, the k9 bridle has been an absolute game changer for me, I don't know where I'll be without one."

Vyx and Vinnie

"I'm a dog walker and use to use another type of head collar but found Vinnie would walk sideways and it would ride up his face so switched to the bridle (as I use them on my own dogs) and he was much happier and even walked better. Couldn't live without my bridles."

Darren and Mac

K9 bridle review labrador

"This is Mac wearing his bridle. Before using the k9bridle, walking his 30kg+ frame was a real struggle for me & my family. Now walking him, even enroute to the park when he's more excited, is so much easier & safer. It has been the best purchase I've made for a long time."


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